NDIS participants and other funding

Nourish your Ability has a strong focus on helping those with a disability live a healthy and happy life and we welcome those who are funded through the NDIS.


NDIS Participants

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is an insurance support scheme of the Australian Government that funds costs associated with disability. Nourish your Ability supports registered participants, with nutrition therapy programs; if they are self-managed, or plan managed. If you have questions as to whether you are eligible, or want to find out more about applying for the NDIS please contact the NDIA directly.


Private Health Insurance

Do you have private health insurance? If so, you may be eligible for full or partial reimbursement of your nutrition therapy fee. Check with your individual fund to see if have ‘Extras’ that lists and covers Nutrition.

Funding FAQs

Some common questions about the NDIS answered

Will NDIS pay for Nutrition therapy?

Yes, if you have an NDIS approved plan, and you have a goal in your plan, that nutrition can help you to achieve. The nutrition goal/s and strategies will need to enable you to: do activities to benefit your social and economic participation
be value for money and be effective and beneficial to you.

Your NDIS plan will also need to be either Self-managed or Plan managed. For more specific information of plan management options go to NDIS website.

Do you do home visits or online consults?

Most clients prefer to come into our clinic in Glenelg. However, we do offer some home visits if they are within 30 minutes traveling time of the clinic (and you have sufficient budget to cover the time to travel). We also offer on-line consults for your convenience.

Can I use my NDIS therapy budget or Core support budget for Nutrition Therapy?

Nutrition Therapy is funded through your Capacity Building Support Budget. You will need to have budget allocated in either Improved health & wellbeing and or improved daily Living. If you do not have sufficient budget to use for Nutrition Therapy, we can advocate for the funding required to meet your goals in your next plan.

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