Resolving Difficult Eating Behaviours

The Nourish your Ability Resolving Difficult Eating Behaviours program is a proven, practical, food based Nutritional Therapy Program created to support families to overcome difficult eating behaviours.

Fussy toddlers

With an eating behaviour that is a secondary health condition.

Anxious adolescents

Resisting food varieties or who eat limited range of foods.

Stressed parents/carers

Stressed and time poor parents and carers looking for support to nourish their children.

NDIS participants

Self-managed or plan-Managed NDIS participants, needing nutrition support.

The resolving Difficult Eating Behaviours Program is suited to all ages, with or without a disability, who have or are at risk of having nutrition inadequacies or deficiencies.

Are your mealtimes more like battlefields?

Do you get disheartened when the food you have prepared isn’t eaten, or have you just given up trying to find healthy options for your family? When fussy or difficult eating behaviours restrict the diversity of essential nutrients, the risk of nutrient deficiency or nutrition inadequacy increases. The missing link could include be one or a combination of behaviours:

  • Selective/Self-limiting eating: Often associated with ASD, OCD and other ritualistic behaviours
  • Sensory Sensitivity: Food preferences and behaviours based on texture, temperature, and colours
  • Food Anxiety: Related to hunger mood shifts, food connections with emotional highs and lows
  • Food intolerances: Associated with poor digestion, allergy symptoms, low energy and concentration

Children and adults respond to different approaches and benefit from individualised treatment options.
Nutritional Therapy will help identify and resolve the eating behaviours that are blocking your child from eating a variety of healthy food.

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