Meet Robyn Millar

Robyn is a passionate Certified Practicing Nutritionist (CPN), with a special interest in supporting families impacted by disability and chronic health conditions, to create healthy eating habits.

About Robyn’s journey

“I have always had a keen interest in food and spent my previous working life working in diverse areas of the food industry.

It wasn’t till having children and experiencing their health challenges and witnessing the health challenges of friends and their families that I realised I needed to find out more of the science of food, and the positive and negative impacts of food.

For so long I felt like I was a spectator in our lives, waiting for someone to find the magic wand or switch that would give me the answers I needed to help my family fully participate in life.

I have been in your shoes, wondering if my lack of energy and regular anxiety was just normal and wondering if pharmaceutical drugs was the only answer for me, and my daughter’s health conditions. I know now that it is not; and that by using ‘food as medicine’ it is possible to be nourished and feel energised.

Robyn's Journey

After years of searching and listening to every health professional who could potentially help, I decided that I needed to do more studies myself. So off I went back to university. After I completed a Health Science, Nutritional Medicine degree I had what I needed, and have since taken these skills and further research and training into my clinic, where I practice as a Clinical Nutritional Therapist.

I am motivated every day by seeing people, who are participating in my programs, eating more variety of foods, feeling less anxious, sleeping better and or being able to concentrate at school or work. When I hear a parent saying how amazing it is to see their child eating real food, being able to self-regulate or play without meltdowns I am filled with joy. It is also times like these I am so grateful for NDIS who have made Nutrition Therapy accessible to people with disabilities.”

Robyn has a personal experience in disability health

With personal experience in disability health, contact Robyn today to find out how you can nourish your ability.