Nourish your Ability

With an individualised nutrition program you will find the solutions you have been looking for to reach your full potential. My individualised nutrition programs support mums and families with unique and complex health issues to resolve fussy / difficult eating behaviours, improve energy, moods, gut health and general wellbeing.
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Nutrition Assessment and plan to get you started

Two extended consults to identify where your are now with your nutrition and where you want to be.

In the initial assessment we review of your health concerns, lifestyle and diet, then we develop your plan to create new healthy eating habits.
The review will include:

  • Health and lifestyle priorities
  • Detailed review of current diet and foods that maybe problematic
  • Review of potential allergens and food intolerances
  • Your dietary habits and routines
  • How well you are digesting foods to optimise your gut health
  • Weight and body mass

The Initial Assessment is followed by a consultation to report on the findings, discuss treatment goals in context of your Individualised Nutrition and Diet Protocol.

Most Private Health Insurance funds provide rebates for Nutrition consults. Self-Managed and Plan-Managed NDIS participants are welcome.

Resolve fussy and difficult eating behaviours

This program uses an individualised therapeutic approach to introduce and incorporate nutritional foods and develop positive eating behaviours.

We review drivers of the current eating behaviours: food intolerances, gut health, sensory sensitivities, ritualistic  habits, food anxiety and other influences impacting eating habits.

The individualised nutrition treatment strategies will vary depending on the most significant influencers. The priority will always be to provide adequate nourishment, using food as medicine.

Achieve your health and vitality potential

Do you have a specific health goal you want to achieve?

When I ask this question 9 out of 10 will include weigh loss!

Weight gain is a symptom of a bigger picture; to reduce weight will often require managing moods, energy, stress and anxiety, gut and immune health.

What I offer at Nourish your Ability are individualised nutrition programs with proven successful outcomes. Your program will support your complex life, mentor and motivate you, while gently holding you accountable to your goals.


What People Are Saying

“I can’t believe what Liam has eaten in the last few weeks. I really didnt think it would be possible. We are not arguing at dinner time and we can sit down as a family and I am not nearly as stressed. Bring on the our next consults, you are a savour!”

“I thought I’d message you and let you know where I’m at. When I first saw you, I think I was something like 91kg, I’m now 70ish it fluctuates. I’m now size 8-10. I have been doing some modelling and hope to do more. I also joined a gym and now going to pursue becoming a personal trainer. Thankyou so much for all the help, I wouldnt be here with out you!!”

“Thanks Robyn, Megan takes in everything you say and really needs your professional support. She is at a very vulnerable and important stage of her adolescent life, so your advice and caring approach is greatly appreciated!”


Food Sensory Awareness Therapy

Food Sensory Awareness Therapy

Eating can be a demanding as a sensory experience. Children and adults can be over or under responsive to the sensory stimulation of food. Their acceptance of different foods is influenced by the visual appearance smell, temperature, taste and texture of food. The Food Sensory Awareness (FAS) Therapy program introduces foods using practical and non threatening sensory activities to increase the number of safe foods.

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Why choose wholefoods

Why choose wholefoods

Tips to swap to fresh wholefoods to nourish your energy, health and well being.
Food marketing is all about producing a product that is marketable, rarely about nourishment.

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Gingerbread biscuits – Gluten Free

Gingerbread biscuits – Gluten Free

With the crunch of a shortbread style biscuit, ginger and spices, a dob of chocolate and make them Gluten Free and we have a winning biscuit on all levels.

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Feel Good Foods

Feel Good Foods

To be happy and healthy your body needs to be nourished with foods that optimise the release of “Happy Hormones” and support your immune system. These are my top 10 feel good foods.

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Homemade alternatives to dress salads and vegetables

Homemade alternatives to dress salads and vegetables

I love flavour enhancers!!!! Yes really I do. My favourites are ginger, garlic, fresh herbs, acidity found in lemons, limes, oranges and vinegar, and good quality extra virgin olive oil. We simply do not need artificial flavour enhancers, when we have access to...

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