Individualised nutrition
with Robyn Millar

Individualised nutrition with
Robyn Millar

Providing families with individualised nutrition to support disability health, food intolerances, sensory and difficult eating behaviours.

Our Expertise

We assess and provide support for people coping with:

Nourish Your Ability - Expertise

Difficult Eating Behaviours

Nourish Your Ability - Expertise

Food Allergies
and Intoleraces

Nourish Your Ability - Expertise

Chronic health conditions and disability

Nourish Your Ability - Expertise

Gut Health

Here to support you

Nourish your Ability’s Nutrition Therapy programs may be beneficial if you:

We are here to support you
  • Suspect some foods are causing digestive pain and discomfort
  • Have mood swings out of proportion to situation
  • Have poor energy compared to friends and peers
  • Experience frequent mealtime battles
  • Do not eat the same meals as the rest of the family
  • Have a limited or restricted variety of foods – less than 20 different foods
  • Are very selective or avoid specific textures, colours, or food groups
  • Fear trying new foods or being around different foods
  • Work with therapist who empathises with autism and disability
  • Need a therapist who understands and regularly works with NDIS, their plans, goals and outcomes.

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, then it’s time to seek our support.

Our Services

Nourish your Ability services and programs are aimed to support you to create healthy eating habits, to improve your health and wellbeing.

Resolving Difficult Eating Behaviours

Resolving Difficult Eating Behaviours

The Resolving Difficult Eating Behaviours Program is suited to children, teenagers, and adults with or without a disability who are at risk of nutrition inadequacy/deficiencies due to their restricted diet.

Food Sensory Program

Food Sensory Program

The Food Sensory Awareness program introduces foods using practical, fun activities. Anyone with sensory sensitivity, sensory avoidance or sensory seeking preferences to food textures will benefit.

Creating Healthy Eating Habits

Creating Healthy Eating Habits

Do you have a clinical condition that requires a specialised diet? Do you have specific health goals you want to achieve?  Clinical nutrition consultations will help develop the strategies and inspiration you need.


Here’s what some of our clients have been able to achieve:

“I can’t believe the difference in my son since he started eating real food. I had almost given up on him eating anything but takeaway chicken and chips. Thank you so much for your patience with my son and me!”


“It is really, really fantastic that my daughter now has natural bowel movements. It’s the first time in over a decade that she hasn’t had chronic constipation and or a need for medication to prevent the constipation. Well done and thank you. 5 stars and I am getting more educated myself too.”


“Thank you, I have tried many therapies with NDIS support, but yours is the only program my son has fully engaged with.”