Resolving fussy and difficult eating behaviours

First - understand the reason for the behaviour

Supporting families to resolve fussy and difficult eating behaviours is a focus for Nourish your Ability Nutrition Clinic.

We review the drivers of the current eating behaviours: food intolerances, gut health, sensory sensitivities, ritualistic habits, food anxiety and other influences impacting eating habits.

The individualised nutrition treatment strategies will vary depending on the most significant influencers. The priority will always be to ensure adequate nourishment, using food as medicine.

Most Private Health fund provide rebates for Nutrition consultations. Self-funded and Plan Managed NDIS participants are welcome.

Create healthy eating habits

Do you feel like your child’s eating behaviour is impacting their development? The Resolving Fussy and Difficult Eating behaviour program will identify the most appropriate strategies to support your child to create healthy eating habits. So that they can reach their full potential. The sooner the underlying drivers are identified and addressed, the sooner a balanced nutritious diet can be established.

Fussy eating is common in children under 4 years old. If it continues these habits may be detrimental to growth and development in adolescence, teenagers and adults. Creatively hiding vegetables only works for a small portion of fussy eaters!!

This program is ideal for anxious adolescents who are resisting food variety, people on the Autism spectrum, fussy toddlers, as well as anyone with eating behaviours that may be a secondary health condition.

Resolving fussy and difficult eaters program includes:
• 1 X 75minute Initial Consultation to comprehensively review health concerns, lifestyle and underlying issues impacting health. It will include questions to determine the behaviours that are having the biggest influence. e.g.: sensory, self-limiting, anxiety or food intolerances.
• 1 X Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis: A hair sample will be taken to be sent out for analysis Nutrient deficiencies and toxic element testing.
• 1 X 60minute report of findings, goal setting and treatment plan
• 8 X 45minute mentoring consultations 
• 1 X 30minute bonus Review Consultation or NDIS Report
Includes quality resources, one external test, others functional tests may be recommended at additional cost. Does not include nutritional supplementation, which may be recommended.

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