Move Over Breakfast, It’s Time to Focus on Lunch



It is a toss-up between breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is important because it breaks the overnight ‘fast’ and sets you up for the day. Many people just aren’t hungry at breakfast time, so snacks and lunch become more critical.  

Breakfast and lunch are often nutritionally neglected, in favour of our evening meal. Dinner is important too, but we need to get the nutrition into our body during the day when our bodies need the energy.

This e-book provides loads of ideas of how to prepare and pack healthy wholefood lunches, with a minimum of fuss and within the family budget.

Lunch needs to be nourishing to sustain your energy from when you leave home until you return in the afternoon/evening. 

This content of the e-book is family friendly, that doesn’t mean it is just for children, everybody needs a good lunch. Individually we differ on when and where lunch is eaten (with some eating at home, some eating at school, some at work at a desk, or on the move); the lunch preparation ideas included are flexible to meet the needs of the whole family.



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