Nutrition Services

Nutrition Assessment to get you started

Includes two 60 minute consultations:

The initial health Assessment will review:

  • Health and lifestyle priorities and demands
  • Detailed review of current diet and foods that may be problematic
  • Review potential allergens and food intolerances
  • Habits and routines associated with your diet
  • How well you are digesting food to optimise your gut health
  • Weight and body mass (if applicable).

A Report of Findings, Treatment Goals, with an individualised Nutrition and diet protocol is discussed in the first follow up consultation.

First Follow up Consultation

We discuss your health goals in more detail and develop the strategies to support you to achieve your optimal health. Treatment recommendations may include changes to your diet, nutritional supplementation and lifestyle modifications.

Further case analysis and research may be done behind the scenes, including consolidation of treatment strategies, preparing a report of findings, analysis of initial health review questionnaires  and reviewing or recommending further external testing.

The information gained from our initial consultation, analysis and test results will be used to develop an individualised treatment program, including benchmarks to identify progress towards your long term health and wellbeing..

Further 45 minute or 30 minute follow up consultations may be recommended to support you to achieve your goals.

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