Food Lovers Nutrition is now Nourish your Ability.

The name change of my Nutrition clinic reflects a renewed focus to support you with individualised nutrition plans, to achieve your health goals.

Same Nutritionist, same location, same passion.

As a client you may notice a few more tools and resources and a perhaps even more focus on getting your nutrition right for you, and then there is my gentle accountability style to keep you on track 😊.

If you are a new client or have been thinking about calling to become a client, what you will find is Nourish you Ability’s Nutrition practice is a family friendly place where you and your family are supported. In Clinic we use ‘food as medicine’ to support many complex childhood health issues. For example autism, ADHD, asthma, food intolerances, difficult eating behaviours, Downs syndrome, emotional and behavioural disorders.

Importantly I recognise the stress of having a child with special and or additional needs places on the whole family.

I am a mum, one of my children has a disability, I know the additional stress, responsibility and time it requires to get through each day.

I see as many parents, as I do children (with and without a disability), for the anxiety, weight management, moods and energy. My professional and personal experience ensures your individual needs are understood, as well as your children’s needs. I will motivate and inspire you to create and achieve realistic health goals and create healthy eating habits.

To access Nourish your Ability’s individualised services you can come in (or skype) for a health review assessment. we can then discuss and decide your next steps. It might be to check in with me when you need inspiration, or you may want to more consistent support to achieve your health goals and commit to a program … check out my website for more details on the types of programs I can create just for you. To find out more give me a call on 0417 820 292 or book in for a health and nutrition review consultation