Achieve your Health and Vitality Potential

What is your Health Goal

Do you have a specific health goal you want to achieve?
When I ask this question 9 out of 10 will include weight loss!
Weight gain is a symptom of a bigger picture; to reduce weight will often require managing moods, energy, stress and anxiety, gut and immune health.

What I offer at Nourish your Ability are individualised nutrition programs with proven successful outcomes. I support your complex life, while gently holding you accountable to your goals.

A Realistic approach to achieving Health goals

I love to share my passion and expertise for ‘food as medicine’ to inspire mums to reach their potential and find the joy in life that may have been lost with the stress of juggling life’s priorities.

The Nourish your Ability ‘Achieve your Health and Vitality potential program’ is a realistic approach to achieve health outcomes. Regularly scheduled mentoring consultations address your specific needs so that you will have a deeper understanding of your eating habits and the habits you want to create long term. Quality resources are provided with each session.

Individualised Nutrition Mentoring includes:

  • goal setting and recognising your barriers and constraints to achieve your goals,
  • foods to energise and left your moods
  • how to balance your proteins, carbs/fibre & fats,
  • restoring restful sleep
  • meal planning,
  • inspirations for snacks and meals,
  • mindfulness and identifying compatible foods for your health goals.

Plus, a bonus session after you complete the program to review your progress.

This program includes:
• 1 X 75minute Initial Consultation: a comprehensive review of your health concerns, your lifestyle and underlying issues impacting your health. A detailed review of your current diet, allergies and food intolerances, weight and body mass and the status of your gut health. Depending on your symptom presentation it might also include a mood questionnaire, toxicity or eating behaviours, and recommendation for external testing.
• 1 X 60minute report of findings, goal setting and individualised treatment plan.
• 6 X 45minute mentoring consultations
• 1X 30minute Bonus Review Consultation
Excludes any external testing or Nutritional supplements.
I also run workshops, my most popular one is with small groups of mums at home, where we discuss how to manage a pantry to create healthy family habits. Whether the workshops are personal or professional workplace workshops both come with a full resource kit.